Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

It's already the middle of February! Valentine's Day was my Dad's birthday. My grandmother would always bake him a heart shaped birthday cake for his birthday. He passed away in March 1992 at 80 years young. He lived a happy and active life until then. He hated going to the doctor and I think he would have lived many more years if he had seen the doctor earlier when he had pnuemonia. Well, I can't change anything so I might as well not dwell on it.

I finally took some time last night to do some sewing. I got my computer room/quilting studio/etc. room, cleaned out enough to be able to sew in there. I make such a mess in there that I end up having to move my machine to the kitchen in order to sew. Then the kitchen is overwhelmed by my sewing supplies and finally have to clean up everything.

It's a rainy day today so maybe I'll do some more time in my room sewing. I don't know what to work on, but if I don't think of anything productive then I'll make some pincushions. Never can have too many pincushions. Right?