Thursday, May 28, 2009

still recovering

Wow I didn't know I'd still be taking pain killers pretty regularly by this time. I am just so sore. I'm still recovering I guess. I was hoping I'd feel good enough to clean out some closets and clean up my office area and quilting area. The desk top where the sewing machine belongs has a big pile of scrap fabrics and recently purchased fabrics. I had to get my son to take the sewing machine to the kitchen so I could do my block of the month that I have to have done by Saturday. I got it done, but it took me a few hours. I had to sit and rest and took a nap in the middle of one block! I hope I'll feel better soon.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lung Biopsy done!

The last time I updated, I was getting ready for a trip with my friends to Reno. We had a wonderful time. The show "Menopause" was great. If you get a chance to see it, DO!
We went to a quilt shop I had been to but my friends hadn't been there. It was called Going Batty quilt shop in Reno. My friends liked it and we'llo all be going back again. Then we went to a shop where my friends had been but I hadn't been to before, in Gardnerville, Nevada. The Quilt House. Wow what a terrific shop! This shop is permanently on the Return To list.

Last Monday the 18th, I went to the hospital for my lung biopsy. I expected to come home the following day, or on Wednesday, but I didn't make it home until Friday. My hubby could only come to visit twice in 4 days, my son didn't come at all. He didn't even call. My daughter took the bus with her girlfriend, after school, everyday to the hospital to see me. Isn't that sweet, just a like a daughter! She didn't want to be at home alone so she stayed with her girlfriend at night. Her girlfriend's mother picked them up on her way home from work. My daughter brought me balloons and a coworker sent flowers and a teddy bear. Another friend sent home a complete spaghetti dinner for the family and me to enjoy, and another friend gave me a new book, a candle, and really nice body lotion. I don't know why I deserve such good friends, but I love them.

I looked at my favorites blogs Monday morning and couldn't wait to get home to read them. I finally had a good night's sleep last night. It is so annoying to not sleep well at night and then they have to wake you up every few minutes to take your blood pressure, oxygen level, etc. They even woke me to ask about my pain. I don't think I would be sleeping if I was in too much pain. I am usually pretty easy to get along with, but I don't know why the night nurses are so noisy! They talk and laugh all night long and allow the bells and alarms to ring and ring and ring! I wanted to get up and answer the bells and alarms myself. Now I have to recover for a week or so before I can go back to work, and wait 2 weeks for results from the biopsies they took. My only fear is that they won't be able to determine any cause for my lung disease and I will have gone thru this biopsy for nothing. The bandage comes off tomorrow and I can see what the sopt looks like where the chest tube was in my back. You're probably glad I haven't figured out how to add pictures yet! Right?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Busy day today

Today will be a busy day. I need to run the car through the car wash, do some shopping, some house cleaning and spend some time with my daughter. Early tomorrow morning my friends and I are going to Reno to see a show. The show is called 'Menopause'. My boss lady saw it and told me how funny it is and that I should go with my friends. So we've ordered tickets and booked 2 rooms at the El Dorado. I can't wait! it will be so much fun!