Tuesday, July 19, 2011

its been too long for me

It has been too long for me not to see my mom. its been 6 months today, 27 weeks, 181 days since I last saw you. I miss you like crazy. My life with out my mom is just so lonely no one to call and hear her voice, no number to call her, and no one to answer my questions about cooking. (okay there are people i can call about that but not my mommy. I've been reading this book and i used to take everything I have and had for granted but now reading what she went threw i cant take anything for granted its a wonderfull book just to know what was going through her mind when she got abducted.

I've been trying to get back into quilting but its super hard because my mom and i used to do it together and thats the super hard part. My mom is still my best friend and will always be my best friend. I never knew i would be nineteen with out my mom so anyone who is reading this if you lost a loved one that you were really close to please comment me and tell me how you guys made it through i feel like my whole life went away because she went away. Im not as happy as i used to i cry alot and im tired trying to keep my mind busy where i dont think about my mom.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hi everybody again that reads my moms blog.

Hi if you dont know who i am im chris' daughter Lindsey. Im going to keep writing on here so if you read this please tell me because i feel like no one reads our blog. So I'm Lindsey, im 19 years old, and my 2nd year at my college I go to a community college thats close to our house and my mom passed away in January. So the day my mom got in the hospital and the day my mom passed away and went to paradise still haunts me every minute of every day. My relationship with my mom wasn't normal. I thought it was normal but when I saw my friends with their mom's they weren't as close as my mom and I. We took a bunch of cool trips that I loved we went to Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, and New York! But my mom went to London and Ireland with her girlfriends. When they went I was in middle school and I wanted to go with them but I wasn't allowed to so when she was there I was super mad at her. But the last trip my mom and I got to go on was to disneyland. My mom and I did the disney day so we got free tickets YES I SAID FREE!!!! we just had to help out Habitat for Humanity for a few hours. We went to disneyland with my best friend Jorden and her mom Lisel! We had the bestest of best time with each other. When we went to disneyland it was my first time going on a roller coaster.

When i live my life its day to day i dont take anything for granted anymore. I always thought to myself my mom and dad are always going to be there no matter what. Now I think to myself before my dad goes away for work. "Is this going to be the last time I see my dad stable?" Yeah you might be laughing but for what I have gone thru Its hard to stay positive. All my friends tell me all the time I hate my parents but I say I said that about my mom when I was little but they turn out to be your best friend. And now look how much I regret saying all i said to my mom about how she was a bad mom and alot of other things. But now I miss her greatly and she was the best mom because she was my MOMMY! And she raised me into a beautiful young woman mommy you did your job the best with me.

I love my mom alot and i miss her greatly.

-Lindsey <3

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hi everybody its Christine's daughter Lindsey

Hi everbody! It's Chrsitine's daughter Lindsey. I'm sorry to tell all of you this but my mom passed away on January 19th, 2011 at 8:00pm. She suffered from a disease called IPF idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis its scaring of the lungs, and she also had phnumonia. Before everything happend my mom, my best friend, and my bestfriends mom and I went to disneyland. My mom and I did the disney day so we got in free. It was so much fun my mom paid me $5 to go on space mountain. This was my first time going on a roller coaster but the first one we went on that day was the matterhorn. We had a blast. Then my mom started to feel sick when we got back from disneyland. The a couple days later we went to the drs. and they diagnosed her with phnumonia. They started her on the highest doseage of antibiotics they can give to be at home. Then after 2 days of being on the medicine, she passed out at home. From December 16th to January 19th she's been in the hospital. Her oxygen wasn't holding its self. Because when she got phnumonia it made the IPF flair up. They had her on a bipap machine its when air is pushing against you making you breathe it in. Then they moved to life support. They took the life support out on the 19th. And she lasted for 4 hours on 100% oxygen. She was sad to leave all of us on earth. But shes waiting for all of us to meet her there.

And im trying to create an organization to raise money to find a cure of IPF someday. That was moms dream.

Thank you,