Sunday, September 20, 2009

_ _ _ Not much new here

The new range and dishwasher have been in for over a week now. My daughter and I both wanted to cook the first meal on the stove. Being the nice person that I am I let her cook. Darn! I wish she wanted to cook every night. It really is nice to have a beautiful new stove and because it has a glass/ceramic smooth top it is so easy to keep clean. Even at the top where there are usually knobs, it is smooth. No knobs to clean around. Just a pad with numbers to press. I love it. Of course I don't want to cook anything and mess it up. The brand happens to be LG which is the same brand as the dishwasher and my refrigerator so they all match. My microwave is some other brand so the stainless steel is a little different, but not enough to matter. Well this post is not very interesting. Is it!

I finally finished a small wall quilt that I started quite a while back. It's a gift so I'll take a picture of it before I send it away, and post it when I figure out how. I haven't really tried to figure it out yet. I really should do that. I've also gotten all my blocks of the month caught up. I had to do 2 months of one, and 3 months of my Thimbleberries blocks. I hope I can stay caught up now.

I hope your life is more intersting than mine. I love read about yours'.

Monday, September 7, 2009

_ _ New appliances coming

We bought our house almost 19 years ago, and all the appliances except the refrgerator were brand new. Now all the appliances are crapping out at the same time. We've replaced the dishwasher but we need a new one again. I got a new refrigerator last year, and yesterday I bought a new range and dishwasher. Now I need to clean my kitchen and house so I can have my friends come over and see my new appliances! OK, not much going on in my life if this is the most exciting thing happening. But that's not a bad thing! My health is good, and I have much to thank God for.