Friday, August 28, 2009

_ _ _ _ _ _ Health Update

I went last week for another Pulmonary Function Test. I saw my doctor yesterday and she repeated the stair walking test. Everything is the same, so my health is not declining. My doctor said I am STABLE. Of course, my husband says the doctor was talking physically, not mentally.

She also said there is a new drug for people with Interstitial Lung Disease, that is making it's way through the FDA approvals now. It is supposed to prevent scarring. She said it should be released early next year. Since there is no current treatment, for ILD the FDA will most likely push it through. I think this is great news.

My daughter got her learner's permit yesterday, but we're going to make her take lessons with a driving school before she drives our cars. I almost had a heart attack several times when I taught our son to drive, and I don't think I can survive it a second time. My husband says she can wreck the driving school car, not ours. Well I have to agree with that.

_______ A Great Vacation

We had a great time on our vacation. The cruise was great. There was a big water slide and us 2 fifty plus year olds had as much fun as the kids. Of course, like all cruises, the food was wonderful. St. John, Nova Scotia and Halifax, New Brunswick were beautiful, friendly cities. The weather was awesome! Lots of history there!

Then it was hot and humid in NY but we were expecting it. The three of us saw quite a few of the main New York sites. We used a taxi once, and the rest of the time we used the subway system and walked to get around. We did a lot of walking! I managed not to gain any weight! That's how much walking we did! I was surprised at how few of the subway stations had elevators or escalators. We had to drag our suitcases up and down quite a few stairs. A few times a good samaritan helped. We stayed 2 nights in Soho, and 3 nights in Times Square. The first stop in our NY adventure was The City Quilter. Then before we left, we made another stop there. We went to Central Park, Grand Central Station, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, NBC Studios, Top of the Rock, New York Skyride, the Empire State Building, Dylan's Candy Bar, Times Square, World Trade Center Tribute Museum, saw a play at the Helen Hayes Theatre. We ate Pretzels and hot dogs from the street vendors, ate at Roxy's Deli, Papaya Dogs, White Castle Burgers, and the New York Hard Rock Cafe.

We had a wonderful time and if I ever take the time to figure it out, I'll post some pictures.