Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hi everybody its Christine's daughter Lindsey

Hi everbody! It's Chrsitine's daughter Lindsey. I'm sorry to tell all of you this but my mom passed away on January 19th, 2011 at 8:00pm. She suffered from a disease called IPF idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis its scaring of the lungs, and she also had phnumonia. Before everything happend my mom, my best friend, and my bestfriends mom and I went to disneyland. My mom and I did the disney day so we got in free. It was so much fun my mom paid me $5 to go on space mountain. This was my first time going on a roller coaster but the first one we went on that day was the matterhorn. We had a blast. Then my mom started to feel sick when we got back from disneyland. The a couple days later we went to the drs. and they diagnosed her with phnumonia. They started her on the highest doseage of antibiotics they can give to be at home. Then after 2 days of being on the medicine, she passed out at home. From December 16th to January 19th she's been in the hospital. Her oxygen wasn't holding its self. Because when she got phnumonia it made the IPF flair up. They had her on a bipap machine its when air is pushing against you making you breathe it in. Then they moved to life support. They took the life support out on the 19th. And she lasted for 4 hours on 100% oxygen. She was sad to leave all of us on earth. But shes waiting for all of us to meet her there.

And im trying to create an organization to raise money to find a cure of IPF someday. That was moms dream.

Thank you,


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